With 25 years' experience in magazine publishing I know how it feels to be in a buzzing environment … with little to no time to think about yourself or tend to your own emotional needs.

That's where coaching can help.

If you're finding your days are passing you by and you can't seem to ever get on top of things, I have some practical tools that can help you feel more in control of your life, immediately.

Coaching with me is a wholistic experience. I work intuitively and deeply. Whether it's money, relationships, career or just getting on track, I'm here to help you align with your dreams. 

Here's what some of my clients have said:

“Hannah has given me the ability to truly believe I can have what I set out to achieve. She has taken my ideas and dreams out of the “too hard basket” and is helping me to make them a reality. The support she provides is the kind I cannot find from friends and family and it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I highly recommend her to anyone.”  Melissa H, Sydney

“Hannah has helped me make huge personal and business growth. Meeting regularly with her is fun and exciting and having her input steadies me, realigns me and reminds me how to hold myself accountable. Hannah is a North Star. She listens intently and holds the issues I need to work through, guiding me firmly but compassionately back to the path.” Judith L

“Hannah helped me during a very difficult period in my life. As well as tackling the day-to-day issues she made me look beyond my present circumstances helping me to realise my dreams and actually feeling that they were possible.” Julie A, Sydney

“Hannah is an intuitive, practical and no-nonsense coach. She tells it like it is and pushes you where you need to grow. With her help I met my soulmate and landed my dream job!” Maria D, 32

“The sessions have exceeded any of my expectations. Hannah always brings something new to the table and I am growing and developing in ways I didn’t think were possible. I feel uplifted and refocused after our time together and am always looking forward to the next session.”  Karen B, entrepreneur

“I didn’t think I needed any help with money, but when I got to Hannah’s wealth workshop it all fell into place! Hannah was very uplifting, full of insight and knowledge. She taught me freedom and to never be afraid again. I grew so much in just 3 hours and a week later things have already started to change. I can’t wait for the next workshop!” Fiona L, Sydney

“Hannah’s wealth workshop was like taking a broom and sweeping out my dusty room of outmoded ideas. Exposing old beliefs about money, abundance and scarcity, then working through them creatively helped me realise that a lot of my understanding and consequent behaviour around money and finances came from habits I’d never thought to question. It gave me space, energy and enthusiasm to start better practices immediately. Not only have I brought new work to my business and a renewed vigour to my financial life, I’m calmer, happier, more optimistic and better organised. It’s a practical workshop as well as a mental shakeup and one I can’t recommend highly enough.” Jude and Wayne L, Sydney

“Hannah helped me uncover the old beliefs that were holding me back. I was able to see that my thoughts and fears around money were blocking me from allowing abundance to flow in other areas of my life. She showed me how to release these beliefs and replace them with new ones. I’ve moved from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, love and trust and feel positive about the future and limitless possibilities on offer.” Cassandra, 39

So, what's missing for you?

Let's work together to create a life that's far more meaningful, rich and fun than you could have ever imagined.

Hannah x

Yes, I'm ready to take control of my life!

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