❤ I will coach you to do the things
you think you can’t do so you can
become the person you want to be ❤Hannah Hempenstall

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Personal Development Coaching


Most people I speak to want to find their passion and purpose. They want to live a life that is free and flowing. My job is to help you find that thing that puts the sparkle in your eyes and makes your heart sing. Let’s do it!


Having a coach is all about goal setting and reaching those goals. I’ll help you feel safe to say what it is you REALLY want and then work with you to get you there. I love helping people set goals that they know they can achieve.


Helping you live the life of your dreams is what I want for you. Anything you can dream is possible. So let’s start this journey today and get you thinking and behaving in ways that will get you there. I promise you it’s possible.

How I Can Help You

What Do You Want?

As a Personal Development Coach I help you find that thing that makes your heart sing. I use NLP techniques to get you into a creative state of mind so you can tell me what you want with clarity and a sense of possibility.

What’s In The Way?

Once you know what it is you want, I help you get there using manifestation and alignment techniques. Old beliefs will bubble to the surface allowing you to make decisions about your life, as opposed to living in reactive mode.


My coaching is based on practical tools that I first learned while being mentored by Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations With God. Once you’re in alignment with your Soul, the magic simply unfolds.


I’m assuming you’re looking to make your life even more exciting and interesting than it already is? Yes? Like anything, finding a coach you resonate with is vital for success. In order to get the absolute best results, we need to be on the same wavelength. I have limited coaching spots available so I only want to work with people who are really ready to make fabulous changes in their life. Does that sound like you?

Who do I work best with?

Anyone on a conscious and evolving path who deeply desires to be the best they can be. Someone who knows they have the potential to be/do/have more but could do with a little assistance in getting there. Someone who knows in their heart they have a gift to share with the world and that that gift could be their life’s work and earn them a great income. Someone who really wants to know what deep and meaningful love feels like. Someone who would like to know what inner peace feels like, and to have the ability to face any of life’s struggles with more grace and self-love than they’ve ever known. Someone who is seeking passion and purpose.

What can I do for you?

All of the above. I can provide you with an ongoing plan to help you move into alignment with your dreams.

The logistics

Initially, I offer a 1 x 45-minute session, over the phone (can be from anywhere in the world), free of charge, no obligation to continue. You can email me directly at hannah.hempenstall@gmail.com or check out my events page which lists group coaching, my monthly meditation group and other workshops.

This work is my life’s purpose. I’m passionate about helping as many other people as possible reach their highest potential and I’m on a mission to do whatever I can to help spread the love!

Hannah Hempenstall. Personal Development coach

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I run regular workshops as well as guided meditations in the Sydney area. Come along!

Saying yes to coaching is giving the Universe a green light to align you with your dreams.Hannah Hempenstall

My clients have said…

North Star

“Hannah has helped me make huge personal and business growth. Meeting regularly with her is fun and exciting and having her input steadies me, realigns me and reminds me how to hold myself accountable. Hannah is a North Star. She listens intently and holds the issues I need to work through, guiding me firmly but compassionately back to the path.”Judith L, Sydney

I feel pumped!

“Hannah has given me the ability to truly believe I can have what I set out to achieve. She has taken my ideas and dreams out of the “too hard basket” and is helping me to make them a reality. The support she provides is the kind I cannot find from friends and family and it is exactly what I’ve been looking for.
I can highly recommend her to anyone looking for the guidance and direction in which to steer their lives.”Melissa H, Sydney

Hannah challenges me

“Hannah helped me during a very difficult period in my life. As well as tackling and working through the day to day issues she made me look beyond my present circumstances helping me to realise my dreams and actually feeling that they were possible.”Julie A, Sydney
❤ Achieving your goals and dreams starts with knowing what they are. I can help you find them and reach them.❤Hannah Hempenstall